Plastic Food Storage: Gladware Containers

Gladware variety-pack GladWare® is a very popular container. They offer a lot of different dedicated containers to meet your storage needs. You can get sizes for snacks, go to lunch, big and small bowls, entree size, family size. There is a freezerware container and containers that are oven safe!

GladWare® makes it easy to address your cabinet clutter and keep food fresh. Simply snap the lid on, instantly sealing in freshness and preventing messy leaks. Interlocking lids are easily stacked neatly in one place. And as always, they're microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Glad Ovenware is an all-in-one pan that can be used in all stages of baking. It features a heat-resistant durable pan that's oven-safe and freezer-ready, and microwavable lid that snaps on for easy storage. Prepare, bake, store and reheat your favorite entrees in Glad® OvenWare and then reuse after cleaning.

GladWare® Soup & Salad Containers are the perfect size for storing leftovers or packing generous servings of your favorite soups, stews, salads and sides. As always, these sturdy plastic containers with lids are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. The Soup & Salad size comes in a pack of five 3 cup (24 oz.) rectangular containers with lids.

The variety pack includes plenty of they're most popular stackable food storage containers, all with tight sealing lids to help keep contents fresh. The Variety Pack includes 12 containers and lids: 2 Mini Round, 5 Soup & Salad and 5 Entrée containers. The mini plastic food storage container features a tight sealing lid to help lock in freshness and prevent messy leaks. The Mini Round size comes in a pack of eight 1/2 cup (4 oz.) containers with lids.
There are many more great, safe plastic food containers that Glad has avalible. Just follow the link to see all they have to offer. They're all microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. A great choice.

Whether you're organizing your shelves or packing for a picnic, be sure to stock up on GladWare® Containers.


Baby Food Containers: Tupperware

Baby food container

Early Ages Eco™ Super Heroes Formula Dispenser

This unique dispencer features three compartments and a removable handle that provides a firm grip for both parent and child. It also makes it easier to hold the dish with one hand while feeding with the other. If you need to save all or a portion of a meal for later, simply snap the virtually airtight and liquid-tight seal into place and refrigerate. It comes as a set of two in four colors; Orange Peel, Lime, Chickadee and Tropical Water. They are also dishwasher safe.

Early Ages Eco™ Super Heroes Complete Baby Set with Feeding Spoons

As you can see by the list below, the complete set of baby food containers comes with with everything you will need to take care of your baby. All the pieces are convienent safe and fun for you and your child. They come in six different colors, are dishwasher safe and will last as they come with a limited lifetime warranty. Baby Food Containers

6-oz./180 mL Toddler Tumbler with handles and cover.
 • 7-oz./200 mL Sippy Cup.
 • 10-oz./300 mL Sippy Cup.
 • 4-oz./120 mL Snack Cup.
 • 8½-cup/250 mL Feeding Cup with handle.
 • Formula Dispenser.
 • Four Feeding Spoons.
 • In Apricot/Lettuce Leaf/Natural/Snow White/Spa Blue/Watermelon.
 • Note: Artwork not covered by Limited Lifetime Warranty.